Internship Summer 2016

UPDATED UPDATED!!!Students send internship information to the coordinator on Wed., 29/6/2016 at the latest. We need to get the approval from the Rector for your internship. Students have been confirmed ...

Students MUST read and follow the below instructions, avoid sending email pieces with irrelevant questions, such as reporting internship work at wrong time, asking internship web page or validating internship work, etc.

Submitting PDF-formatted internship report to online submission system (for example: NVMinh_ITIU123456.pdf) and evaluation report (from 24/08 to THE EXTENDED DEADLINE 07/09 ) to Mr. Pham Quoc Son Lam (IT Dept. 610). Internship report must include EVIDENCE OF RESULTS for activities and achievements. The internship report must include the company's phone number and the supervisor's phone number for validation. Poor reports can fail the internship course.

Students requiring Internship's grade for graduation MUST submit Internship report and evaluation ASAP and contact Internship coordinator via email for confirmation.

The AAO approves the list of internship students, and you are not in the list. In this case, you can submit the report and evaluation forms as usual, then we send the updated list to AAO. If not successful, you request grade I and resume it next semester.

- List of companies

- Enrolling course
- Applying internship
- Starting internship
- Reporting to the coordinator (three weeks after start)
- Checking progress
- Requesting incomplete grade (I)
- Submitting internship report and evaluation
- Grading internship

(1) Enrolling course and applying internship (from 15/04 to 01/06)

- Students work with AAO to  enrol the course

- Students prepare internship applications to send to companies. Starting from this year, students take responsibility for  the applying process.

- Internship recruitment information is available on the school's noticeboard and this page.

(2&3) Starting internship  and reporting activity (from 01/06 to 01/09)

- Students start the internship

- Students report the internship information to the coordinator within three weeks after start. The information includes the company, work description, time frame, session per week, and supervisor contact. For example: CSC Company, Web Development Project: (i) work in GUI design; (ii) work in DB implementation; ...., from 15/6 to 1/9, 4 sessions per week, contact Mr. TMH (position, email, phone, mobile)

- Students request an incomplete grade (I) during the checking progress period (from 15/07 to 30/07) if you cannot complete the internship within the defined time (05/09).

(4) Submitting internship report and evaluation (from 24/08 to 05/09 )

- Students submit the PDF-formatted internship report approved by the supervisor and the company (i.e., the supervisor and company should know the report content to avoid violation later) using online submission system

- Students also submit the internship evaluation signed by the supervisor and certified by the company

- Internship report and evaluation templates: .zip


- Students need to contact IT Dept. secretaries for the recommendation letter

- Doing internship at HCMIU is not accepted, except for very special cases that require the guarantee of the advisor and the approval of the internship coordinator. Students must request your internship advisor to send email to the internship coordinator for approval. Otherwise, your final reports will not be accepted for grading.

- Starting from this year, all paid training courses are not accepted as the internship course

- Students who resume grade I this summer semester need to submit a special form from AAO. For further information, contact AAO.

- Students must care about plagiarism when writing the internship report. Penalty for copying the existing reports is severe

- The internship jobs must be in IT or IT-related fields. The unrelated jobs will not be accepted.

- Shared reports are disallowed. Students working in the same internship projects must provide separare reports that specify the work part and contribution of the projects.

- If your internship period is longer than expected, i.e., until Oct. or Nov., you can either request for grade I (the incomplete grade) or submit the certified reports by the deadline. You need to fill and submit a request form obtained from the School's secretary to the internship coordinator.

- List of companies

- A sample CV

Any further information, contact the internship coordinator: t and m and ha at hcmiu dot ...